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Thwip is my entry for Ludum Dare 32. It's a puzzle platformer game where you need to navigate the various platforms and traps to reach the end. Please feel free to check out other games that I have made!


While traveling back home, your spaceship suddenly started to malfunction and crash landed on a nearby planet. All its parts scattered across the planet and you have to collect them again to repair your ship and return back home.

The planet's surface is tricky to navigate and full of obstacles. Luckily you brought your handy-dandy translocator. This piece of technology can transport matter across short distances instantly. Use it to navigate the dangerous terrain and retrieve all your scattered ship parts.


Use left and right arrow keys to move around.

Hold either up, down, left or right and press spacebar to teleport to a nearby platform.

Press escape to bring up the options menu.

Reach the end platform to beat a level.

You only have a limited amount of charges you can use to teleport between platforms.


Programming & Art: Sigrath

Design & Additional Programming: Anonymous friend

Music: Qrchack

Install instructions

Please ensure that you have Java installed on your computer. You can get the latest version here: Download

The jar file can be run as a standalone.


Thwip.jar 7 MB

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